Tin Lizzie 18 skipping stitches.

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, 05-08-2012 at 02:26 AM (2614 Views)
Hi, I have had my TL18, with a QBot attached, for a year, but haven't done a lot with it, mainly because the needle tends to stay down in the fabric while the machine moves around, causing the skipped stitches. Am surprised I haven't broken any needles yet. The seller doesn't seem to know what's causing this and sent new encoders but that hasn't fixed the problem, and I've tried new needles etc. At the moment I'm halfway through a job - a paying job- and it's started again. I seems to happen when the machine has warmed up. Can anyone advise? please?
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  1. bjhumes's Avatar
    Have you asked for thread and needle compatibility? My quilter has told me certain battings...certain thread..just WON'T work on her machine NO matter what she does to it. Have NO clue about problem but just a suggestion.
  2. Gay's Avatar
    I feel this may be in the stitch regulator. The mechanic says the encoders may be causing it, and is going to call in one day he's in the area. I hope it's soon as I can't offer quilting services till it's fixed. Otherwise I love the machine, it even sews with machine embroidery threads.
  3. alisainfl's Avatar
    I rent a Tin Lizzie 18, and this happens to me, store employees can't help much. But it seems to do better from left to right ONLY. This slows me down but it works. We checked and cleaned everything on that machine. I seem to be the only one that rents it. I have read somewhere that T/L seems to do this after about 5-7 quilts, that's where I am at. Good Luck.
  4. Gay's Avatar
    The mechanic didn't turn up, and the store owner doesn't seem to want to know me, but I plod on, and hope I have finally found the problem. The encoders are very loose on the tracks [ don't know if they should be], but I feel they are not heavy enough and the wheels skim along too softly, thus no connection, and missing stitches. So I used a small styro ball, and taped it down on top of the encoder to press it onto the track more firmly. This seems to work. If youd like to try this, make sure you don't prevent the encoder wheel from turning. I haven't done much quilting since so can't guarantee it.
  5. lotus63000's Avatar
    sorry i am late if u havent fixed yet, turn on machine without any thread move machine left to right and in and out see if it speeds up, next take white out and put a small dot on each wheel of the encoder not in the center this lets u see if they are moving or skipping when u move the machine. if it does not speed up when you move from r to l or in and out encoder or cable are ng, carefully switch the plugs and try it again and it should tell you which it is. if it passes all your timing is off or your needle depth is ng
  6. lotus63000's Avatar
    if u still have issues send my mechanic (my hubby) an e mail and he can walk u through most problems mjfleming2000 @
  7. Gay's Avatar
    Well, it seems that putting pressure on the encoders has done the trick. Have done a few quilts lately, and not a hitch - no skipped stitches at all. Also checked out the set-up of machines at the craft & quilting show last week, and their encoders seem to sit firmer, not floppy like mine. Maybe I should have tried some blue tack and lead sinkers. now all i need is to extend it all to king size as I have 2 large quilts to do, and the frame is only 10ft. Looks like my little business is starting to blossom.

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