Tin Lizzie skipping stitches help please 6 good stitches one long missed stitch????

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by , 09-10-2013 at 06:11 PM (2115 Views)

I can not find the reason why my tin Lizzie started skipping stitches. 6 good and then a long one missed?????
I have cleaned and oiled the machine made sure I had a new needle in the correct position, checked the encoder, re-threaded and still can not figure out why my Lizzie is not talking to me

help please
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  1. Gay's Avatar
    Hi Dianne, you may have the same problem I had with mine. I found that the encoders are not heavy enough to work the stitch regulater properly. I had to add a couple of mechano-like bits to the carriage, to accommodate the QBot, and wedged a bit of styrofoam between the arm of the encoders and the carriage. The machine is working perfectly now. Maybe you have a handy hubby who can fix up something more permanent? Hope this fixes things, and pm me if you need any more help.

    Cheers, Gay
  2. RuthiesRetreat3's Avatar
    I had a similar problem with my tin lizzie, but it wasn't quite as regular as yours (6 then 1 then 6 then 1). I finally figured out that the eye of the needle was ever-so-slightly low, (I had to really push to get it all the way into the needle bar where it was supposed to go). Once I pushed it up, all things went great.
  3. Diane007's Avatar
    thanks ladies I will give both a try.. any thing to get her working again
  4. Wounded warrior wife's Avatar
    Hi, I don't have tin Lizzie but when my long arm began skipping, I finally found a small ball of fuzz under the tension bar on the bobbin case. Hope this helps!

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