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1. What tool or product do you use from other hobbies for Quilting? Please share your ideas and I will make a list of them for us in my pages for all of us to enjoy!In Alphabetical Order

♥♥ Baby food jars hold a lot of my pins and buttons.

♥♥ Bamboo knitting needle to poke out the corners when I turn something inside out
♥♥ Bamboo skewer to poke down stuff neer the needle
♥♥ Beads When I need to number the rows of a quilt, I use numbered beads. I put the numbered bead onto a safety pin and then pin it to one end of the row. I make sure to keep the pins on the same end of the rows. This has saved me hours of ripping.

♥♥ Bent ended letter opener for finger pressing.
♥♥ Bone folder: normally used for scrapbooking, but makes a great turner, its very strong!
♥♥ Breath mint empty containers for used needles and rotary blades

♥♥ Cardboard magazine/book holders and I use them to hold quilt magazines
♥♥ CD racks hold quilting needles, thimbles, rotary cutters, etc
♥♥ Chopsticks wooden chopstick for corners after turning projects right-side out
♥♥ Chopsticks to turn and poke out corners
♥♥ Chopsticks - stainless steel chop sticks for turning corners
♥♥ Computer: so I can find cool links for all of us to enjoy!
♥♥ Confirmed fabric-holic seeking 12 step treatment program or a storage building.
♥♥ Containers: Shoeboxes, plastic bags, pill bottles, practically any container used to keep things organized
♥♥ Cookie cutters for quilting and applique patterns
♥♥ Cricut express to help with cutting out multiples of the same appliques! I love it, it saves a ton of time.
♥♥ Dr. Scholls foot pads as a fabric guide,(thicker than the Q-Tools)
♥♥ Empty pill bottles: for keeping broken needles,pins,Xacto knife blades in, toss when its full
♥♥ Examination table paper for tracing patterns, paper piecing,
♥♥ File Folers Old file folders for templates
Fondant Hand Held Fondant Roller! Works great for putting a quick press in short seams. Normally I would use this tool to roll out fondant icing.

Magnetic arm band, found at Harbor freight for holding pins while you are sewing. Also magnetic bowl for holding pins and things, also harbor freight

♥♥ Fridge "chip clip" magnet clip: clip it to top of sewing machine, it holds a couple needles when I'm doing Y seams, and when doing FMQ... I used to put it in my shirt, kids got tired of getting stabbed when I hugged them! Hubby came up with that solution!
♥♥ Frisbies I keep 2 frisbees one on cutting table and one by my machine, i can put my stuff in it while working and they stay put
*** see photo on this link:
♥♥ Glass Containers: old glass canisters for buttons - they look pretty, too.
♥♥ Hemostats for everything
♥♥ Hair ties to keep bobbins from unraveling
♥♥ Hair clips to hold binding
♥♥ Hemostats for pulling a needle thru fabric layers or catching bobbin thread if it's too short
♥♥ Hemostats for everything
♥♥ Jars 3 old jars for tiny pieces of fabric too small for crumb quilts. I keep 1 by the sewing machine and 2 on the cutting table. Long thin unsable strips go in the 3rd jar and I save them for the birds to use in their nests.
♥♥ Jewelry / bead organizers: great also for holding small spools of thread / specialty threads / small amounts of laces & trims / buttons
♥♥ Knitting needles that get bent: now used at stilleto
♥♥ Lazer light meant for carpentry to make sure the lines are straight when hanging shelves etc. I stole this from my dh as I can use it to mark lines on a large quilt from corner to corner
♥♥ Legal size large 5 drawer office file cabinet. CLEAN!
to store my fabric in. After folding I can make 2 rows in each drawer and see all the material I have at a glance, that will fit. I need another. It keeps the fabric from getting dusty I also sort by color and pin a small piece of paper with the estimated yardage on the front right hand corner
♥♥ Magnetic arm band, found at Harbor freight for holding pins while you are sewing
♥♥ Magnetic bowl for holding pins and things, also harbor freight

♥♥ Magnetic expandable pick-up tools to pick up pins when dropped
♥♥ Masking tape to get the 'whiskers' out of fabric after doing the frog stitch! (seam ripper)

♥♥ Medicine Cabinet An old wooden medicine cabinet to keep my cones of thread in. Very decorative and antiqueish.
♥♥ Metal 6 hole muffin pan. Screw (loosly) through the hanging hole in the pan to the underside of your work table. You can then swing the pan out and put small things that get lost at your work station in the cups..... great for extra bobbins, buttons, etc. This also works if you have shelves with extra space under them. (Make sure you leave room for them to swing out)

♥♥ Netting for flowers from the florist to keep thread neat. (I actually saw this listed on this board)

♥♥ Notebook covers I put my patterns in those clear notebook slip covers and then put them into a 3 ring binder for easy to find patterns and they aren't scattered everywhere.
♥♥ Paint Brushes for cleaning the machine
♥♥ Paint and make up brushes to clean my machines
♥♥ Painters tape for marking.
♥♥ Painters tape to mark my rulers on the necessary mark for cutting repeated strips. Comes off easily, no sticky gunk left behind.

♥♥ Paper I also sort fabric by color and pin a small piece of paper with the estimated yardage on the front right hand corner
♥♥ Photo Boxes: When I finish a quilt I cut up the leftover scraps "not" large enough to use for another project into squares from 1 3/4" to 4 1/4" and store them in photo boxes labeled with the size of the squares. Therefore when I (for some unusual reason) need squares of any of these sizes I have a box to go through. Right now I'm making a scrapy 4 patch from a box full of 2 1/2" squares. Looks as if it's going to be a right nice size quilt.
♥♥ Pill containers for small embelishments or needles
♥♥ Pony Tail Bands - Little girl pony tail bands for holding thread on bobbins
♥♥ Pizza boxes to keep projects together - clean ones
♥♥ Plastic desk top pencil holder for my rotary cutters and scissors
♥♥ Plyers to use when "froggin'", ripping out. I use it to pick up all the threads from the back
♥♥ Q-tips to keep my bobbins with the matching spools of thread
♥♥ Q-tips / downgraded print brushes: cleaning lint boogies outta machine
♥♥ Rotary wheel used for pattern tracing to perforate the back of my paper piecing paper for easy removal
♥♥ Rubber mallet for pounding seams
♥♥ Shoeboxes, plastic bags, pill bottles, practically any container used to keep things organized
♥♥ Shoe Boxes (kids always needing new shoes, they grow too fast) ~ keeping small strips / squares in so project is moveable if I'm not done yet
♥♥ Shower Curtain (clear one) with washable markers to plan out quilt designs over my tops
♥♥ Silver Thing oh my favorite for pinning quilts is this silver thing from second hand store
*** see photo on this link scroll down
♥♥ Slide out pencil box (from Office Max) to carry rotary cutter to classes
♥♥ Stamps and ink from the scrapbooking section to stamp designs on fabric

♥♥ Sticky back magnets and put one on or near my sewing machine to catch pins and needles as I'm sewing and unpinning
♥♥ Styrofoam, cut off a q-tip 'fluff' (only one) stick it in the styrofoam & put your spools on it? would that work if kept in a drawer?
♥♥ Suture removal scissors for seam ripping. They have a sharp small hook on the end of one blade that gets under the stitch without damaging the fabric

♥♥ T Square for marking my quilt before quilting
♥♥ Tide old boxes can be used for holding quilt magazines. Cut a hole in the box and turn it on it's side and magazines fit perfectly. If you want to pretty it up you can cover it with paper. Some paint stores have leftover wall paper samples that are large enough to cover the box or contact paper can be used.(some managers will give these away instead of pitching them) The handle makes it easy to carry/move.
♥♥ Tins from Throat lozengers or mint tins to hold safety pins, binding pins
♥♥ Tiny baby scruNchies to hold thread in bobbins and small spools
♥♥ Tongs every time I drop something behind my sewing table - they make great "grabbers"
The older I get, the better I used to be.
♥♥ Tums empty container flip top box for all my broken needles
♥♥ Vase to keep my scissors, rotary cutter and a couple of pencils in and sit it beside my cutting mat
♥♥ Wilton brush used to clean the tips of the frosting tips. I use it to clean out small spaces on my machine
♥♥ Wine bottle holders when I cleaned out a cabinet and am using them to hold small rolls of heat and bond and interfacing. They really brighten up the top of the bookcase they are on.
♥♥ Wire rack that held 3 sq. flower pots, mounted it nere my machine to hold scissors, rotory cutters ect.

♥♥ Wood - Old block of 4x4 from deck project: drilled holes to fit my markers / fabric marking pencils in so they don't roll everywhere
♥♥ Zip Lock Bags keep sorted pattern pieses together
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