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by , 11-02-2011 at 05:57 PM (562 Views)
I am doing ok on new quilt board.\
One puzzle to me is the titles: I am not reg. now, I am junior.
Then there are the other titles senior,super, etc. What do they mean?
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  1. sarahrachel's Avatar
    I found this on one of the help pages. it seems a lot of people want to know

    Member 0 - 00
    Junior Member 100 - 299
    Senior Member 300 - 999
    Super Member 1,000 9,999
    Power Poster 10,000 +
  2. sherian's Avatar
    Thank you sarahrachel, now I know I am a junior soon to be a senior.
    I think I put this on blog and not general chit-chat. Live & learn
  3. needles3thread's Avatar
    Thank you sarahrachel. I wondered what those titles meant.
  4. jean1941's Avatar
    just checking to see what I am
  5. mommamac's Avatar
    Thanks - now I know what makes me super.
  6. quilt gramma's Avatar
    Thanks for the update as i not sure myself what it was for .
  7. craftiladi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mommamac
    Thanks - now I know what makes me super.
    Boy if only life were just this just posting my comments makes me "Super"now how do I get my family to believe this? lol

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