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trial in progress

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by , 11-19-2011 at 12:16 PM (1685 Views)
trial in progress
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  1. dreamer2009's Avatar
    two for me
  2. grann of 6's Avatar
    Yada Yada Yada!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dreamer2009's Avatar
    hummmmm didn't turn !!!!

    OMGOSH !!!!!! put a timer where I caN CLOCK 30 SECONDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. dreamer2009's Avatar
    copy paste

    If at first you don't succeed, try try again......
  5. dreamer2009's Avatar
    ok time for page to turn/..................
  6. grann of 6's Avatar
    According to my count that is 22 posts. Okay, so maybe I CAN'T count till it's wine o'clock. Oh look!!!!!! It's wine o'clock!!!!!
  7. dreamer2009's Avatar
    well are you still here grann ??
  8. dreamer2009's Avatar
    I'm thinking I need something more than wine o"clock
  9. dreamer2009's Avatar
    OMGOSH~~~still not turning.
  10. grann of 6's Avatar
    Nope, doesn't turn. See Dreamer!!!! You didn't use the right vibes.
  11. dreamer2009's Avatar
    grann maybe what ever I did beat the system and we will have a continuous non stop page with no
  12. dreamer2009's Avatar
    maybe not the right vibes but it's working
  13. grann of 6's Avatar
    I see Patrice was a recent visitor. Hmmmmm. Maybe seeing is believing. I wonder if she visited mine. Be right back, gonna check mine.
  14. dreamer2009's Avatar
    well crappy doodles !!!

    it did not work
  15. dreamer2009's Avatar
    well I for one am really bumbed
    several different ones of us have tried this and it won't work.
    I just don't get it.
    back to KayKay's for now............................................... ..........
  16. dreamer2009's Avatar
    waste of time
  17. sharon b's Avatar
    It turned the page I just can't get to them But they are working on the kinks
  18. sharon b's Avatar
    Dreamer - it is not a complete waste- we can read the other pages if you type in an answer , so that is something
  19. grann of 6's Avatar
    So, Dreamer, I think I know what the problem is. If it is a "thread" you can turn the page, if it is a "blog", you can't turn the page. Now, I need to talk to my IT expert (my DS) and see if he can explain to me why this happens.
  20. dreamer2009's Avatar
    this looks to not work also
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