Try using the Mobile Phone view on your laptop or desktop. Its much better!!!

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by , 11-05-2011 at 03:45 AM (1022 Views)
Its so much easier. You can even view all of the pictures. there is a little black icon that have pictures just click on it. there are other icons there to. Much similar. I use the mobile Phone view on my laptop. I do not view on my phone . You can change the view at the bottom of the page
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  1. carolaug's Avatar
    I am getting happier...go to your profile and click on lastest posts...or recent posts There are all of the threads that you have commented on are post you have started. There is an icon of pictures of quilts...its wonderful.....this mobile view is really, really helping me get the hang of this...
  2. carolaug's Avatar - this is what the menu looks like and the forums look very much like the old board. I think I can get use to this new look and feel...the moble phone look....give it a you choose the view go to the top of the page there is a black icon with three white little squares click on that. Then click on the area that interests you. I really think you may like it
  3. carolaug's Avatar
    There is also an icon that is called albums. it shows you all of the small pictures of the quilts, bags, whatever,,,just double click it for the larger view.
  4. carolaug's Avatar
    OK...more learning the bottom of the page it states Default style that is where you can choose mobile can not create an ablum in mobile view you have to switch back to the default style

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