Turn Master Bedroom into sewing room?

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by , 01-21-2012 at 03:58 PM (958 Views)
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I love this "whatever it is" that allows sewing/crafters/young or old ladies (and the man who might be looking over our shoulders) to peruse and enjoy each other's company and comments. I even occasionally have my cup of coffee here with me while I visit. I have been sitting here for over two hours and am starving to death; can't get my husband to fix me something to eat.

So, my thoughts are, you do it (and if you are not able to do it alone, snag the first kid who comes over to visit and y'all do it). I watched the video of the lady's new sewing room and love love love it--she is way more organized than I am, but I have a sewing room built especially for me in our back yard; accomodates my Gammill long arm quilter and table, plus a ton (and I probably do mean a ton) of fabric, about a hundred sewing machines because I have more money than I do sense when I see a machine at a yard sale for $5, my cutting table, pictures on all the walls where there isn't a shelf loaded down with fabric--you get the idea. And I have been in a funk since Christmas and can't make my self go out there and clean it up from the Christmas sewing rush, so it is in a mess, and I don't want to face it (and can't talk a kid into coming over here and helping me get it ready for my next project. Oh well.
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