tut for quilting frame

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Now the frame.

Cut 4 - 1x2” 4’ in length.
Cut 2 - 1x2” 2’ in length.
Cut 2 - ½”x½” 4’ in length.

Nail and glue 2 - 1x2” together to form an L.
Nail and glue 1- ½”x½” to form a track.
Repeat for the other side.
Make sure that you check your carriage wheels in the tracks. You don’t want them tight. You just want them as a guide.
Join together at the ends with 1x2”x2’.

I made the side pieces with the scraps. If you’re using the Flynn frame you need to put everything together and set your machine on the carriage. Put the frame in the machine then you can measure how long you need to cut your side pieces. I guess you could measure from the table up to the top of your machine and get the same measurements. But you need to know where to mount your side pieces. So put your frame in and make sure your carriage is as far back as it will go then slide your frame forward to the needle. Now mark on the side of your frame where you want to put your side pieces. Attach your side pieces with nails and glue or screws. Attach the frame to your table with the 2 clamps. There you have it!

Hope this explains ok.This is a great project for the hubby...........I could use this now............Thanks

I took these pics after I made it but I hope it helps.
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  1. lillybeck's Avatar
    I do not see a picture and I was just talking to the hubby about doing one of these. I need to see the picture along with the tut. Thanks

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