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by , 07-12-2011 at 10:24 PM (765 Views)
Hi, I have never done a tute before so bear with me on this. I have had several requests for how to make the hexagon block in my Avatar so here goes...
I used 1/4" seam allowance.
Any questions, please PM me - ENJOY!
I used the 5 1/2" hexagon template by Darlene Zimmerman

using 2 1/2" strip, lay under hexagon, right sides together

notice strip lays past each side of block, sew partial seam, stopping short on first strip

press toward strip

using lines on rulers, line up and trim ONE side only on first strip

lay strip 2 under block right sides together, sew complete seam

press seam towards strip...always lining ruler up, trim end off

line up other end and trim off

continue sewing strip - press and tirm as before

always use diagonal line on ruler to line up bottom of block before trimming

as you work around the block, be careful to keep strip #1 out of your way

fold strip #1 out of way before trimming

attach last strip as before

trim - careful to keep strip #1 out of way

trim other end of last strip sewn

finish sewing the seam on strip #1

press, turn block wrong side up and trim off strip # 1

to attach hexagon to background, I used interfacing - sew right side together, make small slit in interfacing, turn right side out and attach with satin stitch as you see in my Avatar
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