Twin girl quilts

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by , 03-09-2013 at 09:15 PM (911 Views)
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I made these for my friend who is expecting twin girls soon.
Here they are together:
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Here's the first one:
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Here's a closeup of the 2nd one
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I know they're a lot alike, but here's the 2nd one

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10 min block
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  1. Ducky's Avatar
    Those are so sweet! How big did they turn out to be?
  2. CyndyK's Avatar
    They are just adorable! I'm sure the mom will love them....and the girls will, too when they get older.
  3. buckingtrout's Avatar
    You did a great job on these. Someday, I too will learn how to do the free motion quilting I see on these quilts... I'm still into loops and swirls, haven't gotten to doing stars or other shapes.
  4. SunbonnetSmart.com's Avatar
    Hello there, Kubby343434! Wow! I love these. So bright and cheerful. And you did a great job of making them match, and yet be different so each twin will know her own. The blue circle tells the tale! So sweet. Much Love, Fondly, Robin

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