Unevenly cut strips and jelly rolls

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by , 05-06-2012 at 08:41 PM (666 Views)
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Wow! After reading this thread, I'm glad I've never bought any pre-cuts, although I've often considered it! Seems to me, if the cuts are advertised as being a certain size, giving the consumer anything OTHER THAN that size should be considered false advertising. As for accusing others of being "unforgiving," I think that's being extremely unfair. It's not as if the company "made a mistake" by selling an inferior product. On the contrary, the company is aware of the problem and apparently has no intention of correcting it. Instead, the consumer is expected to make allowances for the inferior product (being sold at a premium). Maybe it's just my southern roots . . . but to me, continued and intentional swindling doesn't deserve forgiveness.
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