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by , 11-10-2011 at 02:20 AM (1049 Views)
Remember, they are working on fixing the blog so we can go from page one to pafe two. But if you can't right can post a reply and it will take you to the last page and then you can click on pages to go back to the first, etc.

Looks like things are settling down....somewhat.

All of us are staying in touch, just still waiting for the dust to settle and read all the new rules. SO many. Here's the ones I find really different.
Sales section......stricter rules.....moderated now, we don't have control of our own sales
PDA's - going away soon.....
Cannot delete or edit our blog entries like this one just the comments.
Can't find my topics I created....
Things being archived now
People can now use colors in posting.....this used to be a no=no in chat.
Np pictures in the blog section. No animations....and we like those.
PM's can be deleted by us.....but there are still there for QB...all o f ours came back when the board changed.

Gosh, this was going to be a short list I thought. LOL
But in time, this too shall pass.

I plan not to concentrate on who changed it and who said what and etc. Back to enjoying this board and ignore and don't go where we don't like has lots to offer still.

Again....weigh the friendships we have here or leaving......I chose my friends.

Just letting the dust settle and the board to fix the boo boos.

I have another place to journal and it is like it was here so that's ok.
I will come to see the sections I enjoy and learn from here.
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  1. zipit's Avatar
    I am at a loss...
  2. sueisallaboutquilts's Avatar
    Hi Deb, thanks for the heads up. I'm really lost at this point but it will all work out!
    Hugs, Sue
  3. sharon b's Avatar
    Give it time and practice and it starts to make sense- also PM me with questions I will try to help best I can
  4. blahel's Avatar
    glad to hear you decided to stay. I have followed your journey and others on the PDA so hope this blog thing that we now do starts to make sense...there are good things about the new look board but it was just too much change all at once I think . I hope others too decide to stay as I know I would miss this board if I didnt check everything out at least once a day.
  5. annthreecats's Avatar
    Hi Debbie, nice to see you again. I was worried about you. I will come by and check on you now and then to make sure you are okay. Take care. {{{HUGS}}}
  6. dublb's Avatar
    Hey Debbie-
    Have I found you?? I thought I had before but then your blog seemed to be lost (from me anyway) I resubscribed to this blog again. I hope it takes this time. How are ya doing?
  7. LeslieFrost's Avatar
    Hi Debbie! Please try to stay with the new QB! I used to read your PDA, although I don't think I ever posted in it. I have a blog too now -- you could drop in.

    We are having snow today in NW Wisconsin! Winter is finally here -- good thing we got the garage done on time. I went through two winters here with no garage -- not fun doing all that scraping and brushing.

    Hope you're doing OK!
  8. dublb's Avatar
    Well I finally got this to send me an e-mail. If you make another page will I still get E-mail notifications?
    How are ya doing?
  9. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hello. I don't remember giving up here, just letting it settle. There is so much goinjg on and I am here off and on. Letting the talk settle too. Hard to hear those "newbies" bad mouthing us that had problems with the changes who have been here years and posted thousands....IMHO. I'll be around. They need to fix the blogs too. I knwo they are wokring on it for a few weeks now. Thanks to all who found me and are posting. HUGS.
  10. dublb's Avatar
    I'm sorry I should not have posted this here!!!
    Updated 11-20-2011 at 02:53 PM by dublb (Not the right place)
  11. ranger's Avatar
    Debbie...I agree...change is difficult but exciting too...keeps us on our toes...keeps us young.
  12. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hello dropping by to hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. SO busy still and keeping cught up here too, just not posting as much. I miss everyone being here. I have to say, so many new posters, I have no idea who everyone is and the regulars must be getting used to the changes or busy with life.
    HUGS to all who come to visit.
  13. grann of 6's Avatar
    Hi Debbie. I haven't been posting on your site, but have read it when I could find it. So you can't turn pages either? I started a blog, was told there were more serious issues than turning pages to be dealt with. I figure at this point that maybe in 6 months we will be able to turn pages. Am getting used to the changes, just like everyone else. I can't see the point in complaining about change. After all, where would we be without advancing technology?! When my power was off for a couple days I got the old hand-crank sewing machine out....Man!!! Was I ever happy to get back to my electronic machine!
  14. All Thumbs's Avatar
    Hi Debbie - this is your ole Project Linus friend wishing you health and happiness for the Holiday seasons. Like you, I am still making little headway in finding everything on this new format. Glad to have found you and your up-beat kitten! Not sure how I will find your notes again but I will try and try. lol Do take care.
  15. annthreecats's Avatar
    {{{HUGS}}} back to you Debbie. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. I had a nice quiet weekend. A small party yesterday afternoon with family but nothing too strenuous.
  16. dublb's Avatar
    Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll
  17. Quilter672's Avatar
    Hi Debbie,
    Some of us are still here trying to follow you and the others! Just getting used to the new format and stumling around once in a while trying to find my way around. Maybe after the holidays things will get a bit more normal for everyone. Have a wonderful holiday season. Pat

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