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bobbin adjustment suggestions
Flying Geese - no-waste method
Rhonda's cutdown methods, several throughout posting tm_campaign=articlenewsletter
WHEN WASHING LONG RUNS OF FABRIC, if you will accordian fold fabric into 1/2 or 3/4 yd length, then safety pin the selvedge edges every 5-6 inches then wash it. Take hold of the selvegee pinned edge and snap the fabric to straighten, then put in dryer. When it comes from dryer, give it another shake. It dries almost as smooth as when it came from the store. Just clipping off each corner at the selvedge keeps the raveling to a minimum and for those of us who do not wash everything, it is an easy way to know if the fabric has been washed or not. I read this someplace and have done it this way for many years. It works beautifully.
SINGER 401-A helpful info on FMQ & presser foot pressure adjustment
TIPS - general sewing info
info on 'scant 1/4" seam'

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