Using novelty fabrics

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by , 12-09-2011 at 04:29 AM (704 Views)
I have some NFL Fabrics and need some ideas for making gifts. I have made the tissue covers, used the fleece for hats and making some rice bags, but I would like to do more...any other suggestions? THANKS!!!
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  1. katsewnsew's Avatar
    How about some coasters and fabric bowl, pillowcases, or pillow covers, womens purse for the female fan. I did these for family one year and they still use them.
  2. TanyaL's Avatar
    Make boxer shorts for the men. Trim a sweatshirt. Make a sweater for a pet.Make a car pillow. Make a trash bag for a vehicle dashboard.
  3. ykreeves's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the suggestions!! These are great!!!

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