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Using a serger in quilting

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by , 07-01-2013 at 09:36 AM (584 Views)
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I love using my Serger for quilting - especially with cheep fabrics that ravel and denim. I have made each of my 4 grandchildren and my children a blue jean quilt and used the serger on all of them so that they would not ravel apart like the ones my mother spent so much time making for all of us ( 7 children and grandchildren) and over the years they raveled and came apart and had to be constantly repaired. I also find the serger great for serging strips and squares, then cutting the strips into triangles and making quick quilt tops. I love using the serger for adding sashing and to finish the edges before putting on the binding. If I have to unsew something, Just find the looper thread and pull, serging comes right apart and is quickly removed! NO PROBLEM. just receintly made wine coasters and tissue covers for quick "gifts" and made some sewing tool cases as retreat sharing gifts last fall and this spring. THe quilts I have taken to longarmers - that were serged, they have never complained about problems quilting them and they did c omment on how nice the finished seams looked. I am careful to alternate the seams so they go oppisite directions when putting rows, pieces, etc. together.
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  1. CynthiaM's Avatar
    Thank you for this post! I received a Serger for Christmas and am still struggling with finding a use for it in my quilting. What stitch do you use most often when using your Serger?

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