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Vegetable gardening

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by , 12-30-2011 at 11:56 AM (1053 Views)
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Good luck down there in Texas. I'm sure the growing conditions will be a lot different from up here in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. This last year most everything had to be replanted as all the seeds rotted from the constant rain.

---To conserve water I place a filled gallon jug next to the stem/roots of large plants like tomatoes and broccoli and let the water trickle out gradually through a very small hole punched in the bottom of one corner.
---I place layers of newspapers around the hills of cukes and other running plants, serving as mulch and weed killer, then keeps the cukes clean. Then as the vines begin to grow I coil them in an increasing circle around the center. I never have problems with them running into each other.
---If you plant things like green and yellow beans that have to be hilled as they grow, start the seeds down in a trench. Then the first couple of hillings will end up level with the surrounding soil, and you won't be dragging dirt up a big incline.
---Leaves of beets and Swiss chard can be harvested individually over and over during the season, and the beets will still mature to be used at the end.
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