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Yes, to much of the finish is gone for Howards to you any good. You have two choices, sand it down until the finish is removed then stain and apply two or three coats of shellac. You can also use denatured alcohol and lots of rags rag to remove the shellac without removing the original stain. If you need to even out the stain you can do this with stain of you choice I use aniline dye(water soluble) then apply shellac. If you want I can Pm you with instructions on applying shellac with a rag and using linseed oil a lubricant to rag from sticking while wipping on the shellac with a soft lint free rag.
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    I f you use linseed oil ,do not wad up the rags as they will flame, I had a painting teacher said she demonstraited on a stage once and had no where to throe the arag so she put it in her purse and it satred to smoke later . L refinished a piece of furniture in hot summertime and used linseed oil and put my rags on a old cookie sheet and put in trash barrel and a hour lated it was on fire. MY son came home and used garden hose to put it out.

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