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To remove the screw from ejector bar, you will have to gently turn the screw counter clockwise. Since you were able to remove wick without removing screw, you have two opinions now. You can try to remove screw to clean it up, or you can leave it. If it looks like it doesn't want to come out because of dirt and rust, try soaking it in oil for some time. If you decide to leave it just screw the wick into the screw.

I know that you most likely want that cleaned up too since you are very meticulous in your cleaning. You machines shine beautiful after your cleaning!

Here are some photos of that screw that you are referring to in the ejector bar. Also photos of how to cut a spool felt for the wick to fit into the spring. Plus, a photo of the wick resting against the race.

Cleaning the race and changing the wick makes a huge difference in the quality of the stitching.
Hopefully the photos are of help!
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