Vintage tea towels

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by , 10-14-2013 at 04:06 PM (952 Views)
My mother embroidered a set of vintage tea towels years ago--the kinds that say "Wash Day", "Gardening Day", "Cleaning Day", etc. There are seven of them with one being "Sunday". I want to create some kind of quilt, wall hanging, table runner, etc. from them for display. They are embroidered on white cotton. Any suggestions for a design? I'm pretty new at quilting and the only thing that comes to mind is cutting out the design from the towel and framing it with vintage fabric that color coordinates with each block and then sewing sashing out of the left over white towel fabric and maybe cornerstones at the intersections with the vintage fabric. Add a border, etc. Does anybody have a more creative idea?
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  1. lockesnest's Avatar
    Lucky you! I think you have a very good idea. If the towels are thin you might want to back them with something.

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