1. My New Totes

    by , 10-10-2013 at 05:38 AM
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    I don't know what came over but I went crazy making bags. Wish I had enough money to fill all of them.Name:  Purses 001 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  66.4 KBName:  Purses 002 (640x480).jpg
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Size:  71.1 KBName:  Purses 003 (640x480).jpg
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  2. A 30's IRR quilted by Charisma

    by , 09-07-2013 at 05:54 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by charismah View Post
    I was part of an IRR group last year...and so was MHolmes. He chose a 30's center and it worked out to be a queen size quilt. It's around a 100x100. HUGE!

    I think it turned out lovely. I added the bow-tie border...that was so much fun!
    I love this board because of the relationships I have formed. Michael and I have met in person several times even though we live thousands of miles apart. He and I are like long lost brother and sister...I even went on vacation with him (and
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