We lost a friend this week....................

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by , 09-29-2012 at 01:30 PM (718 Views)
I just learned that one of my friends that I met here on the QB passed away on Thursday. Those of you who knew or corresponded with Jeanniebelle will miss her, as do I.

Jeannie had a very generous heart, and she was always making delightful items for her friends. She attended several of my quilting classes, always making at least two of whatever the project was, and doing a great job of it.

One of her quilts was a giant one that she made for her husband Joel. It was so huge, I christened it "The Quilt that Ate New York City." It was so big that not even the largest longarm frame around could handle it, so she tied it and finished it off. When asked why she made it so large, she told me that her DH had a habit of rolling up like a burrito, stealing all of the covers, and she wanted to keep warm, too!

Jeannie, you have a lovely spirit; may you rest in peace. You will be missed.
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