Wedding Frenzy!

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by , 03-23-2013 at 05:19 AM (1611 Views)
My son,Blaze, and his fiance, Melissa (aka Jaunty Melissa) are getting married on April 20th! One of the hardest things about life after the flood is not having my son around. I miss his ridiculous sense of humor so much!

Last Sunday was the Bridal Shower. You know I love to have fun so I prepared a little joke gift. Since Melissa lost most of her quilting stuff in the flood, I made her a little pincushion. I enclosed a note saying that I hoped she would get back to sewing after the wedding, and especially that she would work on the baby quilts she started. The pin cushion consisted of three packaged condoms, tied with lovely ribbon, with pins stuck in them! Weill, I thought it was funny. 'Nuff said.

Originally I had hoped to finish a sock monkey quilt with light blue fabrics -- one of which said "Good Morning Sleepy Head" -- but the blocks were destroyed and the fabric purchased at E-Quilter was too darn expensive to replace. So new plan -- I am going to make the dreaded Double Wedding Ring Quilt in batiks for their first anniversary. I hope.

Since Melissa's dad is making all the decisions about the reception (can you spell c-o-n-t-r-o-l f-r-e-a-k?) the church part was up to us. We planned on marriage at our home parish in Long Beach since that is where Blaze and his dad received all of their sacraments. Well, the happy couple put off visiting to arrange details for so long that at the 11th hour they discovered that the Church had been flooded and wouldn't be ready in time. The option was a wedding in the parish hall. In steps Melissa's father who announced, "MY daughter isn't getting married in that place!" Might I mention that he's not even Catholic, but I digress. So off to find a church. They ended up with the one that Melissa's parents were married in.

The saga isn't over yet. They never followed up on pre-Cana, which is a required 6 week program. It is four weeks to the wedding. So, with much scrambling, God had an amusing plan for them. Blaze had been a seminarian studying to become a priest. He stepped out of formation to address a sleep disorder and never returned. So, the amusing part: the marriage will be performed by the Vocations Director and the condensed pre-Cana is being held at his old seminary! Odd.

My son has finally landed a job as a sous chef and is very happy. We decided to have the rehearsal dinner there and since we have nothing to do with the reception or church service, at last I will be able to do something for our son! Doing a happy dance!

Today I need to find some shoes to go with the horrible dress I was pushed into purchasing. Fun fun fun. How I hate shopping -- unless it's for fabric!

We went to the house yesterday to meet with a contractor -- I really like this one a lot. He gave us tons of valuable information that may change the direction we thought we were going in. Originally we figured we'd tear down the house and put a modular on top of the elevated (8 feet up) foundation, but he told us that if we raised the house and maintained a wall or two, our taxes were going to be significantly lower. He told me to give him my wish list ... and, of course, that included a HUGE sunny studio. So, the saga continues. It will probably be a good year before we get back home, but we have to keep plugging away.

On the up side, while we were there I was poking around in the attic and found a bin full of scrappy strips ... so my mental health project for the day will be making something fun from those.

Well, that's all for now. The sun is shining. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Nancy in Louisiana's Avatar
    The dress isn't that horrible. You only have to wear it once. Cut up it might be lovely as part of a crazy quilt.

    A friend of mine had kind of a novel idea for her daughter's honeymoon -- made a pair of pillowcases and had her picture on one and the dad's on another. The best man found out where the couple was spending their first nite, snuck in, and put them on their bridal bed. A great mood-setter, don't you think?
  2. kitsykeel's Avatar
    Now that's funny!!!
  3. lmwinfree's Avatar
    The pin cushion idea was very funny, Grandma to be! Nun of that other wedding stuff will matter in a hundred years. So kick up your heels and have a good time!

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