Wedding quilt - signing fabric

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by , 05-16-2013 at 08:05 AM (599 Views)
I am making a quilt for a friends wedding. In stead of using a guest book, she is going to have her guests sign a piece of fabric. I will be incorporating these pieces into the quilt. My question is, what type of ink, pen, crayon should I have her use? I have fabric paint pens, but I am afraid they will be too messy.
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  1. ELP's Avatar
    For my parents 60th wedding anniversary I did a wall hanging with their picture in the middle and lots of white spaces for people to sign. It is important to use pigma pens which are waterproof and acid free. Quilt shops carry them as do art stores. Good luck. This will be a wonderful and welcome keepsake for the lucky couple.

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