Wedding shower and how well do you know your spouse.

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by , 11-05-2011 at 06:39 PM (1062 Views)
So the cake for the wedding shower went well thanks to some beautiful fresh roses from of all During the shower they had us all pick a question to ask the wedding couple and they could turn that question around to anyone in the group. It was a fun getting to know you game but sadly, I couldn't have answered half of those questions about my own spouse of 13 years. Sometimes I forget his eye color, never mind what is his favorite movie?? Or what is the kindest thing any one has ever done for you?? I couldn't even answer that one for myself. So I put it to you...What is the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for you??
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  1. lpsewing's Avatar
    When going through chemo,I received $250.00 CASH in the mail to be used in "any" way I wanted.....what a shock & thoughtful offer.
    Of course, the first thing I did was use it all on my outstanding medical bills.
    To this day I never told my distant cousin I figured out (handwritting) it was him.

    What goes around comes around & I too have made smaller "surprise" payments.
  2. carolaug's Avatar
    This is a tough question...not sure...
  3. dublb's Avatar
    This is a though question! I've had so many nice things done for me. I think the nicest is when my DH makes me breakfast! At least twice a week!

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