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Well after thinking about it

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by , 11-04-2011 at 04:09 PM (1340 Views)
I will post in the blog sometimes but too many other things to tinker with - heck I just found the photo albums Might have to make one of them

Hope others are getting along better
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  1. BeeNana's Avatar
    We are all learning a little at a time. As a moderator I was thinking you were part of the test group.
    We will get through this.
  2. rwquilts's Avatar
    I'm actually liking the new board! There are lots of things available, but it does take me longer to navigate my way around for sure!
  3. luckylindy333's Avatar
    I am getting to like it better and better every day as I find things...
  4. dltaylor's Avatar
    I know everyone is complaining now, but you know how people are, it takes a while to accept change. In a month or so things will be back to normal...
  5. NannyPat's Avatar
    Yup. This change thingy is indeed hard and I am the Queen of Resistance!
    Actually, I've been puttering around in here for about half an hour....and am finding the new format has some really nice parts! By tomorrow, I am sure I'll love it....
  6. sharon b's Avatar
    Beenana I was a tester- but was looking at other areas of the board for the testing oh well this too shall come to me

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