Went to Hobby Lobby tonight

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by , 11-03-2011 at 08:02 PM (891 Views)
Pat and I went out to dinner tonight. (Super Nachos at Cafe Delicias and boy was it delicias!) and we were right by the brand new Hobby Lobby. They just opened last weekend. I needed (and found) some alphabet beads for the Kill Sue blocks. Gotta label the Soudini dunk tank where she is resting in her watery grave. Plus I need to decorate the "Carrie Sue" gravestone. hehehe My warped mind is working wonders. I tell ya, I'm doing my nick proud.

Told my mom about my works yesterday and she says she's worried about my dark thoughts. Good thing she doesn't read English - I think I have expressed some waaaaay darker thoughts than killing the bonnet girl.
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  1. annthreecats's Avatar
    Hi there Mad, glad to hear you are still working on the KSBS blocks. Hope all is well in your world. Happy Friday!!! {{{HUGS}}}
  2. debbieumphress's Avatar
    Hi Mad. SO glad to see you here. I am on a blog also. I would love to see what you are doing with the KSBS blocks. Sounds awesome. Maybe you could put pictures here when you finish.
    I don't know about you, but I am having fun navigating around the new QB. Still have issues not being able to post pictures on the blogs unless you are starting a new post. I'll figure it out soon. Reading all the rules.

    I'll be back to visit. HUGS♥♥
  3. zipit's Avatar
    I can't wait to the the KSBS blocks.
  4. BeeNana's Avatar

    trouble posting......sorry
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  5. BeeNana's Avatar
    It so great to be able to visit the 'Mad' house. I have been missing your humor and good spirit. KSBS is going to be your new
    Hello zipit and Debbie. More will come I have no doubt.
  6. Joanieu's Avatar
    Hello Mad... glad to see you still have your blog going. Gosh, you are still working on the KSBS... lol - I just loved the blocks you all did this last summer. Hope you post pictures soon. Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS
  7. Janet L52's Avatar
    Hi Martina, I am so glad to have found you. I haven't posted before, but have enjoyed your PDA. I am struggling to find my way around the board, guess I am not alone in that! Looking forward to your KSBS! More later, Janet
  8. burnsk's Avatar
    Well, evidently Pat is out of the dog house. That's good.
    Looking forward to see more of the KSBS blocks.
    How is your friend doing? Is she healing OK?
    Hope your mom is doing good now. Is her attitude improving.
    Glad I found you.
    Huggers, Kathy
  9. Rhonda's Avatar
    Hope you visit us again soon Mad!! Missing you madly!!

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