What is Asperger Syndrome

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Someone made a comment on a post in my blog asking "What is Asperger Syndrome?" I decided to post my response to that question as its own blog topic.

Asperger Syndrome is a form of Autism. The main diffrence between someone with Asperger Syndrome (Aspie's as they are called) and someone with Autism is that Aspie's talk in a mostly monotone voice, they have trouble reading body language, often do not grasp abstract thought, and have below average social skills. Their social skills is where the Asperger's is most noticeable. They have to be taught social skills like most children have to be taught math or science. They have "fascinations" with things, which are actually obsessions. With my son those obsessions are space and video game design. He can, and does, talk endlessly about them and he can not tell when someone is not interested in hearing what he has to say. He rocks back and forth almost constantly, although that has toned down a lot over the years. He also humms or chants, but again this has toned down over the years. He is very blunt with what he has to say, and has hurt people's feelings unintentionally. One such incident was a time when we were at a relative's house and she picked up doggie doo off of her kitchen floor with her bare hands and then proceeded to prepare some food without washing her hands first. Those of us who saw it, made a quiet mental note to not eat the salad that she was making. But my son blurted out, "Aunt ______ is nasty. She picked up dog poop with her hands and didn't wash them before fixing the salad. That's gross." He was correct in what he said, he just didn't have the tact to not say it out loud in front of all of _______'s dinner guests and she got humiliated and ran off upset. She also told me that I had a very rude child. Needless to say, we have not been invited back to any of her dinner's. And to this day if __________ brings food to a family gathering, my son will not eat it.

Another incident we had was due to a curiosity he had. One of his older cousins had to get braces. My son had not seen someone with braces on their teeth. Well, the look of the brace's made him very curious. So, instead of quietly asking an adult why they looked like they did, he blurted out "J, why does it look like your teeth have train tracks".

Because of his Asperger's we do not go to church very often anymore. One reason why is because he has trouble with crowds and loud noises. But another reason why we don't is because some people think my son is demon posessed. His paternal grandmother is one of those people. She has actually traumatized my son with church. He does not like for people to touch him, yet she requests for people to lay hands on him and pray a demon out of him. She began doing this when he was 2. I had to crawl between people's legs while wearing a dress to yank my toddler from her arms while he was crying and screaming "Mommy", "I want Mommy", "Put me down", and "Mommy help". After that incident, it was years before my son would set foot inside of a church. Now, she still says that he needs a demon prayed out of him. I never leave him alone with her at a church. I believe in prayer, and I believe in God and miracles. But my son was born this way. He is a very sweet child.

You can learn more about Asperger Syndrome here:
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  1. JBecker's Avatar
    Thank you for the wonderful posting. I have a dear friend who worked with developmentally disabled people and I've done the same. We both feel that these people are gifted in a manner which the rest of us are unable to appreciate or understand. I'm so sorry about his negative experiences with his paternal grandmother. It sounds as though he does better with you. Best wished to you and your family.
  2. grammydar's Avatar
    How does he do with his school work.
    We have a lot of trouble with that, esp reading.

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