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by , 10-25-2013 at 12:39 PM (628 Views)
Okay, So I'm very young and don't know very many people who do any kind of crafts especially quilt. My great grandmother did with a machine and my grandmother has tried to finish one her mother started before she died but she doesn't really have the time with so many really young grandkids around. So I need advise from people who know what to do. I want to hand quilt an entire quilt. The hole thing from start to finish. I have watched tons of you tube videos and videos but not many people hand quilt anymore it seems. I have made tops with the machine and hand tacked and sewn the border on. I don't understand how I would hand sew the top without it looking terrible. Would I just sew as I go with the top, as in sew each piece onto the back and batting as I do the top? Or do the top then hand sew them all together that way. If I just do the top wouldn't it look weird if I couldn't hold the fabric tight.... I'm confused at how to hand sew a top. help? please
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  1. cookiemonster's Avatar
    Your young, go for it! Local libraries where you are? Check em out, it's free. How about quilt guild? Our guild has many seniors willing to help. I started quilting at 24yrs. Never looked back. Mennonite Disaster committee make quilts for torn countries, I learnt some hand quilting from them. You have that there? Maybe church groups? I'm Canada, things may vary..

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