What kind of needle should I use?

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by , 08-21-2013 at 05:23 PM (560 Views)
Hello Team Quilters one and all... I come seeking information on what would be the most accurate sewing machine needle for the Antique White Rotary Model #77 Sewing Machine. I was so excited when I found this in its own original box, original book, all the attachments, foot pedal, runs good ( after I cleaned it a little and oiled and vaselined it according to the book that came with it. ). I noticed a couple of times where someone mentioned the 15 x 1 needles on this site for some machines. Where do you find these? These aren't labeled like the ones I buy for my White Model #793 or my Janone #7318 Magnolia. I don't want to damage the machine before I get started with the wrong needle. Could someone please direct me, please? Thank you kindly for your help in this matter. -Bobbie
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