What lighting is best?

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by , 03-07-2013 at 07:21 AM (736 Views)
Hi everyone, I'm new out here and enjoy learning from reading your messages with all the great info! Recently I updated my "tools" (hubby is ok when he understands they're tools) by getting a new sewing table and new machine. But the lighting in my sew room is terrible. Can you share some ideas as to how you light up your sewing areas? Thanks! (and btw, I have no idea how to navigate around here; learning that, too!) - Patty
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  1. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Besides the obvious table & floor lamps... I have found that using clamp on (to the table) swing arm desk lights give the best movable lighting for me when I sew. When I'm using the sewing machine I have one positioned to give extra light to sewing table... when I'm working on design wall I simply twist all of them (I have 3) up to act like a torch lamp and light up ceiling to give whole room extra light. I have very little luck using overhead light fixtures because of the shadows they create.

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