what makes a difference with Etsy?

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by , 02-18-2013 at 06:38 AM (986 Views)
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Hi everyone,

I have a question or two. I have noticed that there are several people who sell quilts on etsy. I know my friend sells quilts on etsy along with other things like some pre-cuts and hair bows. I noticed that on the items sold she has been selling the precuts, but none of her quilts, but I have noticed other quilt sellers who have sold quite a few quilts and was wondering what might make the difference. I have thought of making a few and trying to sell them on Etsy, if they won't sell I will use them as gifts. I do have one man that is having me make a quilt for his wife, and he promised he would promote my business for him. He paid me $11 more than what I had given him a bid for.

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