Wheeler & Wilson find

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by , 07-08-2013 at 05:23 PM (733 Views)
This is my first post attempt and first attempt with pics. I,ve been reading all about vintage machines and I found this WD9 wheeler & Wilson which I think is in pretty good shape. S/N 2709457. Other dates on the nameplate jul 17/89, march 25/90 and aug 2/92. I,m sure that means something to you experts.

now the cabinet is in pretty good shape except for some missing wreath work on the drawers. Any suggestions on finding repl? I thought I would clean well with Murphy,s oil soap and then use bees wax or liquid gold.

The mechanism is free and turns easily, needle moves and so does the bobbin. I have to get a new belt which I have ordered. I also have the wood accessory box, spring catch with some accessories you will see in pics.

Now the machine itself is covered in some dark grime that is kinda sticky. I tried carefully using oil, then dawn dish soap, and Murphy,s Oil soap nothing worked. Then my husband suggested trying a little oops solvent, still nothing. Then I decided to try my mr. Clean eraser dampened and rubbed very lightly. That really took it off but in small layers. I started on the back of the machine as it appeared not to have any decals. Much to my surprise I uncovered decals. Then I got scared and quit afraid of harming the decals. We think this crud could be an accumulation of dust and sweat. It gets really hot in Iowa in the summer and could this be a case of years in the attic where it was left out of the case and the metal would sweat and the dust would collect then it would dry and harden in the winter and then another layer added the next year.

So all you knowledgeable people's. help me with cleaning suggestions please. Oh I also got 6 donut bobbins and 9 needles. Is it possible to sharpen needles since I know they next to impossible to find?
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