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I saved this quilt pic because i liked it a lot and I put it on my to do list, I know the pattern is Briar rose from Bonni Hunter I believe, but this quilt is on point and it looks great. I have misplaced the talented quilter's name on the post, can someone please tell me the name of the pattern and if I can purchase one, I cannot figure out how it comes together, thank you
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  1. Littleblackdog's Avatar
    American Patchwork and Quilting August 2008 has a pattern called retro crossroads border is different but main bod is the same hope this helps
  2. spstout's Avatar

    This link should take you to a tutorial for that pattern.
  3. bzquilter's Avatar
    From what I can see in the picture, it is two blocks; a multi-colored squares block and a white block with those 4 HST's centered on the tops and sides of the pieced white block. Not sure of the name but it is a beautiful quilt. I like to try and figure out how some quilt blocks are made to see if I can recreate them instead of buying a pattern. If I studied it long enough, I could figure out how it was made.
  4. Grandma Cindy's Avatar
    Arkansas Cross Roads, Chiclet, X's and O's are a few for the same pattern

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