Why Does my Sewing Machine Clump the Bobbin Thread?

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by , 02-01-2013 at 02:52 PM (546 Views)
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I can be sewing along and then hear this "clunking" noise to find a large clump of thread is left on the underside of my fabric from the bobbin. What can be causing this, I have re-inserted the bobbin many times.
I'm having the same problem, pseudoquilter. I sew about 2 feet on a straight seam, then hear the "clunk" and see a lot of threads in the bobbin area. I cleaned all the gunk around the bobbin area and rewound another bobbin. What I have done since has been working. Hopefully, it keeps on working or I think I will be looking for a new machine. Mine is pretty old. Maybe it's just a Michigan problem. LOL
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  1. libbyb's Avatar
    It could be threaded wrong top or bottom but I would guess top. Libby
  2. dee1245's Avatar
    Mine does that when it misses a guide on top.
  3. ClassicQuilter's Avatar
    Unthread totally, check the bobbin case for stray threads, then thread the top again. The basic rule is if the clump is on the bottom, the top is threaded wrong. Good luck!

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