Why I buy fabric.

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by , 01-15-2013 at 09:11 AM (1239 Views)
Hello everyone!

I am new to this site and it looks like a great network to be apart of. I am excited to make some new friends who share the same obsessions, I mean, interests that I have.
My first Blog is random, but very much needed.

I have officially run out of excuses to tell my husband on why I keep buying fabric. I have already used the following;

  • Hun I'm making our son a quilt that will be passed down and cherished. Can you really put a price on a timeless treasure?
  • This fabric is for a baby quilt, I'm sure some of our friends will be getting pregnant soon and these quilts take time. (I admit, I have gone to several baby showers since I've used this excuse without a quilt in hand.)
  • This one is for our next baby. (I don't recommend this one, ended up getting my husband even more frazzled.)
  • I bought this fabric because I thought it would be a great way to teach our toddler his colors, very hands on method of teaching.
  • Aw but look how pretty all the colors look folded up on my fabric shelf.
  • Joann's sent me a coupon. So I had to utilize it.
  • I meant to only buy backing for one quilt but then our son started throwing a fit at the quilt shop, I got frazzled and accidentally bought way more than I even wanted to.
  • Hun, I decided a great way to fund my quilting hobby is to start selling them on Etsy.... I don't even have an Etsy account.

See ladies I need some more excuses. My reasoning has been stretched thin. I would love to hear the excuses that have worked for you.

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  1. maryellen2u's Avatar
    Hun, this is such a wonderful stress relief. You don't want me to get frazzled. Remember what happened the last time I got frazzled?!
  2. Titusvilletex's Avatar
    Tell him that all the fabric on your shelves have to age before you use them.
  3. Marcia D's Avatar
    My husband has a lot of sports he participates in, so I just tell him that this is my sport. And, my quilts will last much longer than his sports.
    Or, just say, "Hun, this makes me happy. Don't you want me to be happy?"
    Good luck and happy quilting!
  4. buckingtrout's Avatar
    Excuses... oh how I love to have to make excuses as to why I didn't come home empty handed yet again... *laughing*

    How about using... *Gee Hun, think of it as an investment for our retirement... I'm stocking these to sell as vintage fabrics on Ebay or Etsy when people will pay more that I did just to buy a fabric they didn't buy enough of to finish the quilt they started* (then if you need to prove your point take him on a fast trip to Ebay and type in Harry Potter fabric... that sold in Wal-Mart for about 5.00/yard and is getting upwards to 20-25.00 a yard on Ebay or use Laurel Burch that works too. - I sold a leftover piece of Heidi Grace on Ebay for 42.00 and it was only a half yard.)


    " Hunny, some women buy designer clothes, handbags or shoes all the time and my fabric doesn't cost anywhere near what they spend and just have sitting in their closets... Would you like me to switch what I buy? We might go bankrupt if I started doing that, and I don't want to add more stress to your life."


    " I've been thinking about how to save money on Christmas presents so I've started to get fabric to make aprons and/or table runners or *fill in the blank of something he would believe*... Just think of all the money and time we'll save when we don't have to go out and buy gifts. (This works best if done earlier in the year when he is just getting over the expense of the previous Christmas.)

    Happy quilting and I can't wait to see what others have used for excuses.
  5. sjbart's Avatar
    I hate to say it but I have a great husband who supports my "hobby". When the material stack gets fuller than the space(s) it is in, I find a simple pattern and make up some "Linus" or "Komen" quilts. I realize what a great guy he is. He also supports my "beading" habit!
    As for excuses, I always like "it is cheaper than paying for therapy"!
  6. Bethshaya's Avatar
    You are trying to appeal to the creative/sentimental side of a man. That's emotional. Men arent emotional. They are details, bottom line, problem solvers! They compartmentalize their lives. Work in one, home in another, play in another and so on. Open one box, close another. They are like waffles. Their brains laid out like the grid on a waffle.

    But women, they are like a plate of spaghetti. Every part of their life intersects and touches another. Women are at work, and planning the grocery list. They are on the phone with the doctor, with a sick child in one had, the phone wedged between their shoulder and ear, and stirring a pot of sauce for dinner on the stove...all at the same time. We connect with things. Men don't on an emotional level. They do on a practical, solve the problem, level. Their drive is to "fix" things. Women's drive is to "feel" things.

    The best line I use is the economy right now. With hyperinflation coming, and we're already seeing the beginning of it, I let him know that I am buying low and on sale to create a stash for the time which my hobby will be unaffordable. I could make clothing and utilitarian items for when we need them most, for less if I buy now. I am stretching our purchasing dollar!

    We do the same thing with groceries and consumables in the house. We know it is coming, so we are stocking up buying low so we don't have to waste the money later as the prices continue to rise. If they are on sale, I buy as much as we will use until the next time it will be on sale. For groceries, that is usually a 6-8 week span, but could be up to 3 months.

    If I am buying socks, shoes or underwear, I buy more than one. One to wear, the rest to storage.

    But my husband never questions my hobbies. He has his and I have mine. The rule in the house is that so long as the bills are paid first, if you need it or want it, buy it. If it is a large purchase (over $1000) it needs to be discussed first.
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