Will this work?

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by , 01-16-2013 at 05:11 AM (1080 Views)
I have NEVER quilted. I love reading about and seeing all your quilts. I was wondering if this idea I had would work.

I plan on making quilt blocks by embroidering different quilt designs on a block then sewing them all together. I would make a quilt sandwich then embroider it. What do you think?
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  1. trolleystation's Avatar
    I make my embroidered blocks first and then make the quilt. Much easier to handle. These kind of quilts are really beautiful. Great place to show off your embroidery skills. Be sure to let us see the finished product.
  2. Gay's Avatar
    the latest craze is to make a sandwich of each embroidered block, quilt it and then join them together with sashing or bias binding. this way it's much easier to do on your domestic machine. if your embroidery machine takes the large quilters size square [12-14 inches] all the better, and you can do it all in one hooping. so go for it - and enjoy
  3. redyellowrose's Avatar
    i tried embroidery with the 3 layers together and it did not work for me. So i pieced the top, then did the embrodery and when quilted it. [IMG]SAM137save. I don't know if this image will work first time trying it.
  4. Gay's Avatar
    have just re-read your post - properly. you would have to leave the backing off, because you don't want the embroidery to show on the back, unless it's quilting stitches. Also you wouldn't embroider a large quilt on the machine - too heavy. I usually load the hoop with background fabric/wadding/stabiliser and embroider that, remove stabiliser, then either add a backing square and quilt, or sew all blocks together then quilt. it's confusing i know. good luck.
  5. volkman's Avatar
    I have done embroidery quilt blocks. The pattern I have tells you to use fuseable pellon between your backing block and front block. when blocks are finished join then with a zig zag stich and then cover with11/4 fushable bias tape. I did mine in the embroidery hoop ,pattern is on my embroidery machine. Hopes this helps

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