Wonderful Day of Quilting Fellowship!

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by , 02-26-2012 at 04:54 AM (1156 Views)
I went to an "open sew" yesterday with several of my guild friends...we had a wonderful day of quilting fellowship! I tried to explain to my husband why I would want to lug all my stuff to the library to sew with the ladies, when I could just go to the basement and sew. How do you explain the energy, creativity, inspiration and overall quilting fellowship that happens when we ladies get together for quilting... I saw some things going on there that I didn't even think possible. One of our ladies is making a quilt for her son who retired from the Marines...all hand embroidered and will be all hand quilted (amazing!) Another one of my friends is doing a Hawaiian quilt after a recent trip to Hawaii, then of course there are two of my friends doing mock wedding ring quilts, as well as all the ladies who were making super cutsey stuff for grandkids etc. I worked on charity quilts...and just had an amazing time!


  1. mltquilt's Avatar
    I always seem to get more done when sewing with friends than by myself. If I'm by myself other things get in the way, like cleaning, laundry, etc.

  2. Maggimae's Avatar
    Isn't it the truth! When we quilters get together we seam(seem) to grow! We can bounce ideas off each other and get help when we hit a brick wall! I feel more alive when I sew with my friend who lives near me and she gives me the push I need! She has taught me so much!

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