Wonky Geese tutorial

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Someone requested a tut on this so here goes!

Another type of a zigzag quilt pattern is this one I just call Wonky Geese. It also has a chevron look to it vertically (seen from a distance) and I just loved making it! It was so much fun to do. Nothing needs to match up except of course the seams where blocks join. The only goal in this quilt was to make red and pink my dominant colors, but I really paid no attention to colors other than that. The scraps will make their own magic as they meet. Large scale works the best along with stripes and checks, dots, etc. I'll be adding some more rows to the bottom and will show it when I finish, but knew you would like to know how I made this. The most relaxing thing was taking a bag of chunky size scraps and just adding them to the hst without alot of thinking/planning. I just made sure the scrap I added was a color other than the one currently there. If you do this, you'll have a great looking scrappy too! Have fun with this unique pattern!!

Here's how I made it:

1) Cut a stack of 3.75" muslin or white squares
2) Cut a stack of 3.75" printed squares
3) Draw a diagonal line on the muslin squares and place one muslin square on top of a printed one.
4) Chain sew the sets of squares 1/4" away from the diagonal line. When you get to the last one, sew down the other side of each pair.
5) Cut the pairs apart on the drawn line.
6) With scissors, snip off the ears on each side; press open the hst's.
7) Grab a scrap that's at least 2.5" wide and sew it on the white or muslin portion. Chain sew a stack of them at once. My first choice in grabbing a scrap was to choose a large scale print. Along with solids or near-solid fabs, the large scale prints will work best and the solids will give it depth and movement. Angle those scraps so you'll achieve different widths of geese.
8) Next cut the group apart you just chainsewed and cut the excess off while squaring the blocks up to 3.50". (The blocks will come out very close to 3.5" if you are using a 1/4" foot on your machine like I used).
9) Join 2 blocks together where the small hst's will face one another. Sew a row of them together.
10) Join blocks together with the large hst's facing one another. Alternate the rows with one row being the small hst's and the row beneath it being the large hst's.
11) Join all rows together and finish off.

Oops! Forgot the pic of the quilt: Here it is -- posted after Step 7! lol!
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  1. nise's Avatar
    I don't understand how did you get the third color, did you miss a step somewhere or did I miss a step? love your quilt Nise

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