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Woven Sheets for Rugs

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by , 12-12-2010 at 02:48 PM (705 Views)
Recycle Tutorial: Woven Rag Rug
March 22, 2010 | 69,897 views
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◄ Back Next ► Recycle your old bed sheet into a lovely woven rag rug.
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Thank you for all the great feedback for liking my Braided Rag Rug. I understand that not everyone has a sewing machine or/and able to sew, so I created this no-sew version for the non-sewer who like to recycle their bed sheets or de-stash their fabrics to make this feet cozy Woven Rag Rug. This tutorial doesn’t require any loom for weaving, just use a sturdy corrugated carton box from your recycle pile.

I hope everyone can do their part on greening the Earth again and reduce the rubbish that loaded the land fill. By the way, I gave the braided rag rug to my mum and she loves it so much, she is going to dig more old bed sheets out from her storage, which means I will have another bunch of supply to recycle. I need to scratch my head for more stuff to make from them.

All you need to make this Woven Rag Rug are:

1. Old bed sheets (3 king size flat sheets, more if you have fitted sheet)

2. Sturdy corrugated cardboard of your preference size (mine is 28 x 20″)

3. Tapestry needle or masking tape

5. Scissor

You might want to refer to the braided rag rug for some basic preparations for stripping and how to join the strips.

Mark the short side of the cardboard 1″ apart and 4″ down. Leave the edge for 2″ wide so that the cardboard is not being weaken.
Cut it to create slots for gripping the fabric strips.

Cut or tear the old sheets into 1″ or 2″ wide strips. Arrange 12 or 6 strips into each slot, leaving 6″ extra for each end.
Alternate the colors between the slots to create some color patterns for the woven rag rug. You will be surprised how it turns out.
Reserve some strips for the weaving.

Take a strip and slot it into the eye of a tapestry needle and start weaving.
If you don’t have a tapestry needle, you can tape a masking tape the end of the weaving strip, this will make it easier to go through the warp strips.
Secure the tail end in the first slot.
Being with pass through the weaving strip to the bottom of the first bunch, then on top for the second bunch, and bottom again for the 3rd bunch and so on….
Until you reach the last bunch, rotate the cardboard and continue weaving for the next row. If you end the weaving strip at the bottom of last bunch, then begin your second row with the top.

Since there are 12 strips in a slot, make sure you have all the strips weaved.
Pull the bunch vertically a little to straighten up the 12 strips as you go.
Repeat this until you complete the whole piece.

Weave the last row in opposite direction by creating a crisscross, pull the weaving strip and tie the warp strips in place.
Do the same on the other end of the rag. Join a new strip to sew and tie.

Hide the weaving strip in the warp strips.
Take the completely weaved rag rug out from the cardboard by lifting all the strips from the slots.
Trim the end to the length of bout 4″ or to your preference.
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