A year in my life as a Mother, grandmother, quilter, etc.

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by , 11-06-2011 at 07:01 AM (590 Views)
I don't know how a blog works other than following several of my favorite quilt designers, but I decided to use this method to catalog a year in my life. I have never been one to keep a diary or journal. The closest I ever got was keeping a detailed calendar when I was working.

I have a large family and so once a month we have a birthday dinner for everyone who has a birthday in that month. Because of busy schedules we didn't have an October lunch so this month we have 2 from Oct. and 3 for Nov. My older daughter who is one of the birthdays decided we will have Mexican food for lunch. I got off easy, going to get two rotisserie chickens and will shred, a mixed salad, and avocados. I also provide the paper plates, cups, etc.

I have already taken one grandson and his wife out to dinner. I had such a good time. It is great to visit with your grandchildren as adults and realize you would like them even if they weren't your family.

Will space the rest of the dinners out sometime in the near future. It's really hard having so many birthdays this time of year with all the holidays!

I haven't been at the sewing machine for a couple of days. Decided to really clean my bedrooms. What a chore, but it is all done and it makes me feel really good.

Don't have time to write more. Have to go to the grocery store.
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  1. Aprilisslowlylearnlytoquilt's Avatar
    Hiya Polly, My family does the same thing with birthdays, it just makes things so much easier, and we all love to get together. We just celebrated my nieces birthday in October, and we have no birthdays in November, BUT, in December, I have 2 of my children, my daughter Courtney who was born on the 16th of December, and my son Steven who was born on the 18th of December, so we will celebrate those. Not so good planning on Mom and Dad's part, but, we always celebrate them, my husband's birthday was on the 27th of December and never had a birthday party till he was 30 and I threw it for him, so I swore I would always make sure my kids had one. The best of it is of course, our whole family is together, eating, sharing, taking pictures, laughing, and hugging. We all live close, and see each other, but these gatherings mean so much, my Mom is 76, and is so wonderful. I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you...
  2. pollyjvan9's Avatar
    April, thanks for reading my blog. I didn't know if anyone would but me. My youngest son-in-law's birthday is December 29th. He never had a birthday party either. As a matter of fact his parents didn't even buy him a separate birthday present. So Sad. He and my daughter started dating when they were 16 and we decided to let him name his own birthday. He chose July 31 and for many years we threw him a big birthday on that day. He love it. Now they have 3 sons (one waiting for us in Heaven) and there so many in the family we don't give gifts. I take everyone out for a special dinner and that is always fun. We have 2 Dec birthdays, 2 Jan birthdays, 2 Feb, 3 March and 1 a mo the rest of the year. It can get really expensive if you do everyones birthday individually and like your family just being together is the BEST part. Really missed 4 of my kids, Heather, Mark, Adam and Mandi are all ill today. Hope they all feel better tomorrow. Especially Heather who has pneumonia and strep throat.

    Well, everyone is gone. My little house is very quite. Dishwasher loaded, leftovers put away, trash carried out. Am going to relax with my new e-book and Water for Elephants. Also going to browse for free e-quilting books. Have been told there are several available. Have a circular table topper in my head, am going to use fall colors. Think it will be neat for Thanksgiving. It is a free pattern offered by Moda called "Freebird"

    I also have 4 quilts sandwiched will start quilting one of those tomorrow. Going to try to get all 4 quilted this week.

    Will be back tomorrow with more really exciting activities and observations. LOL
  3. pollyjvan9's Avatar
    Mon. Nov. 7th - A good rain this morning.&nbsp; The air smells so good.&nbsp; After our hot, dry summer a day like today is so welcome.<br><br>I have been using my new e-reader and think I am really going to enjoy it.&nbsp; It was not hard for me to hold, even when lying down.&nbsp; I am reading Water for Elephants and find it very entertaining, but a little depressing.&nbsp; Since I am in my 70's now a story about the trials of old age is distressing.<br><br>I usually have DGGS on Mondays but he is with his grandmother today since she took off work to wait for some repairmen, so I was going to run some errands.&nbsp; Instead I picked up a table runner pattern and pulled 3 fabrics and had the top made in about 2 hours.&nbsp; I will try to post a picture.&nbsp; I used some of the fall bird fabrics that Hancocks had on sale 60% off.&nbsp; I think it is kind of cute.
  4. pollyjvan9's Avatar
    Tuesday Nov 8th-Granddaughter finally decided it is potty training time. TK will be 3 in Dec. Way to many years since I have had to go through this! He has sprayed the wall, the floor and me! At least he is going.

    Finished an autumn table topper and a Christmas table topper this morning. I think I will use this pattern for a larger quilt. I really like it and it goes together very quickly.

    Another earthquake last night...4.6 I think...I really, really, don't like earthquakes.

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