You Are My Sunshine fabric

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by , 03-09-2019 at 05:29 PM (188 Views)
I am looking for anyone that might have a You Are My Sunshine Fabric panel. I know that it has been discontinued, but i would really appreciate it if someone that has one would be willing to sell it. I am wanting to make a special quilt for my sister who has breast cancer. Thank you
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  1. sewlilly's Avatar
    I hope you have been able to find it. You might check on ebay - I can sometimes find things on it when I can't find it anywhere else. Good luck
  2. sewlilly's Avatar
    Yikes!!!! I just looked on ebay and the price is through the roof! They have quite a few listed starting at like 24.50 and up - all are being bid on and some of the prices have gone upwards of $50. + shipping! Good luck
  3. sewlilly's Avatar
    I'm reaching out to my quilt guild to see if anyone has the panel - I'll check back with you
  4. NT66's Avatar
    Here is a pre-order from Etsy.....says delivery will be in May-June.
  5. NT66's Avatar
  6. sewlilly's Avatar
    no one in my quilt guild has it sorry

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