Youngest Granddaughters Quilt

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by , 03-15-2014 at 06:56 AM (1044 Views)
Am now working on her quilt, got the top done, may take a break, we shall see. This is the last of the grandchildren, that range from 22 down to 10., and this one is for the ten year old. Will send another picture when it is finished as well. Her birthday is Christmas, but may send this early.
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  1. pojo's Avatar
    very pretty quilt.
    she should really enjoy it.
    it's a happy quilt with all those bright colors.
  2. mhurlene's Avatar
    What vibrant colors! She is sure to love it! (and I hope my granddaughters don't hear about this! :-)
  3. judyrc4's Avatar

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