Your favorite online quilt shop?

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by , 05-15-2014 at 12:34 PM (1833 Views)
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New mom here and it sure is difficult to go shopping! I live an hour away from Fabric Depot so I can't imagine I'll get to go leisurely browsing through the aisles like I used too. That leads me to online fabric shopping. I've mostly bought quilting cotton from fatquartershop.com, man it's expensive though! In a recent post I made some of you brought up Missouri Star Quilt Co. I just made my first order, I didn't know they had $5 shipping! The ridiculous shipping charges is what frustrates me more than anything when buying online. So what else am I missing out on? Where do you love to shop?
Fabric is so expensive, it limits my stash :-(
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  1. mimisue's Avatar
    I use a number of online stores. Try Stitch-N-Frame--they have weekly specials. Sometimes great fabric for $5 yd. I also order from Whittles. Get on their email list--they get in new fabric every once in awhile, but I have bought great fabric from them for $5yd. Neither site charges outrageous shipping fees and I am always very happy with selection and quality.
  2. tonka2shoes's Avatar
    I shop A LOT and many different places but really try to find the free shipping or anything over $35 is free. Something like that

    Fabric.com has a huge selection. Some very cheap $4 - $5(don't know the quality) to $9 - $12
  3. kariboo's Avatar
    be glad you don't live in Canada. Our shipping is expensive, if your shipping is $5.00 there, here would be $15.00 or more. I on line shop from Connecting Threads, and they do ship to Canada.
  4. joanelizbay's Avatar
    I use thousands of bolts to buy a lot of my fabric. Also a place called fabric4less but you have to buy by the bolt and the shipping is like $16 but by the time you average the price of the yardage (16 yards) its a really good deal. I also buy from 5bucks a yard, connecting threads and on Ebay. All of them charge shipping till you reach $30 or $40 then its usually free. good luck!!
  5. cookiemonster's Avatar
    www.etsy.com/shopbluecranequilts/shop are online, with good prices, but keep in mind the shipping costs, US exchange, cross border, weight distance, ask it delivered by Canada Poste as lesser cost.. Good luck!
  6. cookiemonster's Avatar
    Thinking back, 1/2 metre or yard is classified as legal document, and pass as regular postage mail.. In long run piece at a time will add up.. Then ask for gift seal on envelope so border crossing amt to declare will be reduced. Some open a bank account in Canada, as long as you leave a certain mthly amt in account it might help reduce...
  7. ntransue's Avatar
    These are online that I use in California and the businesses are all over.
    keepsake quilting.com
    thats just a few and it's fun shopping online but once in awhile it gets me in trouble.
    have fun sewing
  8. SewInspired's Avatar
    $5.00 shipping for 1-7 yards is average or standard.

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