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  1. Tell me why I should/shouldn't buy a Singer 401A in a beaut cabinet

    by , 03-02-2019 at 03:06 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Gilla View Post
    This is the little dear.
    Hello my name is Etta (goneridin2). I live in north Texas. I am new to this site and have not even started my first quilt. I am trying to put together by sewing machine and sewing desk/cabinet. {I sent you a private message about the Singer 401a and sewing desk/cabinet (No 108?) in your picture and post.}

    My mother sewed all my clothes on this exact machine and desk/cabinet. It was a gift to her from my dad. Itís the only machine she ever had. ...
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  2. I'm smitten - new treadle w/ Singer 66

    by , 04-09-2017 at 06:42 AM
    originally posted 3/7/2017:
    So this past weekend I picked up a treadle base complete with a Singer 66 which I found locally on craigslist. I've already learned so much, like I should have removed the machine head from the base before loading into the back of my car. And it would have helped if we loaded it with the drawers facing up rather than down. I probably should have wrapped the whole thing in the blanket that I left by my front door. That being said, I now have it all set up in my family

    Updated 04-09-2017 at 06:45 AM by ddtrina

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  3. Singer 15 has arrived

    by , 04-09-2017 at 06:28 AM
    My latest acquisition...a Singer 15. Funny thing is during the online auction I thought I was buying a machine without the foot pedal. When I went to pick her up yesterday, I met the owner and said it was a shame that there was no pedal with it but figured I could find one online. He told me to hold on a minute, went back into the house, and came out with the matching pedal. Said he had just came across it recently after the auction pictures had been taken. It was my lucky day! Now to find some ...
  4. singer 413 not working

    , 04-24-2014 at 09:57 PM
    hi guys, I'm new to the site.
    The last time I used my Singer 413 it was working beautifully. Then stopped - No light, nothing
    Can anyone give advice?
  5. My newfound obsession...

    by , 01-07-2014 at 04:53 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by JLMoore3rd View Post
    Since I'm new here I thought I'd add some of my recent finds... this all started a couple of months back when I found a light green Singer 221K Featherweight for my wife. I had been picking up vintage typewriters (40 at present count) and enjoy cleaning them up and making them work, so refurbishing the 221K was similar. I've found that while typewriters are fun to work on, sewing machines are much more of a challenge and quite possibly more addicting. I've added a dozen sewing machines to the shelves
  6. quilter at heart

    by , 07-11-2013 at 05:32 AM
    Well I think I am getting my self in a fix, LOL such a lovely place to be. I have been thinking I need to get a little red barn shed to sit next to my dye cottage, for my finished quilts and hand dyed fabric, that I will have for sale. Now think I will need it it more than ever, as I have a new disease called machine-itess, I really have enough machines, 4 Pfaff 7570's which I love dearly. And a couple of other Pfaffs and a Pfaff serger. One nolting mid arm, and 4 little beauties, my Singer 221's, ...
  7. Whoopee! It's Friday!

    by , 11-18-2011 at 05:43 AM (annthreecats ~~~my blissful crafting journey~~~)
    Wow, I love these four day work weeks. I didn't do any sewing or knitting last night. I was too tired. I rested up and I will go back into my sewing room tonight to get some stuff ready to workon this weekend. I want to cut out my bow tuck bag pieces, and I want to start cutting out potholders for Christmas gifts. I also want to retry the hexagon table topper again. I think I know why it didn't work the first time, so I'm going to try it again and pay better attention to the instructions instead ...
  8. Monday, working day.

    by , 11-14-2011 at 11:05 AM (annthreecats ~~~my blissful crafting journey~~~)
    Have been working all day today at the office. Boss getting ready for a hearing this week out of town (good).

    I offered some red felt spool cushions as a PIF yesterday. I don't know if that is the correct name for them, but that's what I am calling them. It's the red felt discs you put on the spool spindle on the sewing machine to cushion the spool. I sent out two to six people that responded to my thread. I'm still waiting for one more address to sent out a seventh set. ...
  9. My Singer 301 Arrived Today.

    by , 11-08-2011 at 10:32 AM (annthreecats ~~~my blissful crafting journey~~~)
    The box is sitting next to my desk at work but I can't open it until I get home tonight. I didn't think it would be delivered until Thursday. I'll take pictures and put the pictures in my Sewing Room Album tonight. So excited.

    Now I have four good machines and three that do FMQ. So cool. I'm looking forward to playing on her this weekend. I'm naming her after my Father's Mother, Helen (a/k/a Nana). My Nana could sew, but I never saw her actually make anything. Mom said she ...
  10. Sad Monday

    by , 11-07-2011 at 08:24 AM (annthreecats ~~~my blissful crafting journey~~~)
    I received word yesterday that my ex-MIL passed away. She passed away on my daughter's birthday which is really sad. DD is okay with it. She was with her Grandmother at the end and so glad she got the chance to nurse her and spend quality time with her the last two weeks. DD had her for 35 years so she has lots of great memories.

    I played in my sewing room yesterday morning trying to banish the sadness after hearing about the deal of ex-MIL. I did some sewing and was able to ...
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