About auto leasing..

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I never buy a brand new vehicle and drive the one I buy until it's on its last leg. The only thing I do insist on is the vehicle be a luxury model. Those have the most comfortable and best built seats.
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I have never leased, so I do not know about disadvantages. However, I think I would not want to pay for years and at the end, still not have a car.
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I have never leased. You have to read the fine print and be careful. When turning in the car they go over it intensely and will find something to charge you for. I listen to Dave Ramsey (the financial expert) and he definitely advises against it. Also, you do have to worry about the maintenance. You have to have it repaired just like your own car.

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I have and I am. I have no issues with it. My vehicle right now is leased for 42 months so I have 100% coverage for that time. Then at the end I have the option of finish paying for it or turn it in which includes trading it in if wanted. The one thing I noticed is that my personal property taxes here go to Chrysler so I don't have to all of a sudden pay a big bill, I can just add some to my payment each month. Plus, they are cheaper than my previous car was and it was 7 years old.

Plus, I pay close to no interest each month.
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I've never leased either. I would also never but a brand new vehicle either. Get a program car (the rental people; like Hertz or Avis; they have to turn them in when they hit 25,000). Most still have warranty on them and they have to keep them maintained while in use OR get a dealer car; same thing; most of the depreciation is gone with either type purchase. Sometimes you can't always get the color you like, but sure is a Lot cheaper than new. And most have had the 'bugs' fixed in them by the time they are being sold. Good luck.

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I have only leased twice because the payments advertised were so low, but that was cancelled out because they required me to increase my insurance coverage so anything I saved in car payment went toward car insurance.
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You are responsible for normal maintenance. We leased one time but found it was better to purchase for us.
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I would rather buy a vehicle and not have to worry about how many miles I put on it before the lease was up.

Last new vehicle we bought was my 2007 Dodge pickup, its 12 years old and has 76310 miles on it. I haven't seen anything out there yet that makes me want to jump into 5-6 yrs worth of payments.
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Several friends swore by leasing so we tried it. My late husband and I leased for years. This was our personal car, no business deduction. I'd never do anything else. If there's a major problem, it's Honda's problem (I drive a Honda H-RV). Normal maintenance is required and you know your driving pattern, so if you drive a lot of miles yes, you pay if you go over what the lease allows. If you don't, you don't pay. I've never had to pay any large amount when our lease was up. I have some problems with Honda but they have nothing to do with leasing or financials, they are more why doesn't Honda make changes in their vehicles with the convenience to the drivers in mind. But I will continue leasing as long as I continue driving.
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We leased once and had a very good experience. We couldn't afford to buy new and had some very sad experiences buying used cars. The lease saved us a lot of money and at the end they were more anxious to have us buy it than taking it in for a new car. The other reason we wanted to lease was we wanted to get the Toyota Van and it was a brand new style for them. So if it didn't work out then we could turn it in. I drove it mostly to go round trip to work so mileage was not an issue. We are thinking about leasing again since we are aging and not sure how much longer we will be driving. My current car was a used car from a dealer and it was a great buy. I guess you need to determine what is right for you.
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