Allergies and Allergens

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Default Allergies and Allergens

For those of you with severe allergies -

How do you protect yourselves from being exposed to your allergens?

I do think most of us do not go out of our way to create distress for others -

but on the other hand, how much "going out of our way" to not cause an allergic reaction in someone else is "reasonable"?

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I"m finding that my allergies are more a function of the state of my immune system than anything else. I had severe allergies to dust, pollen and mold of all things. Like you can avoid any of those. When I went to a nutritionist and worked on my immune system, they got much better. They've been worsening again lately and I'm going to talk to my new nutritionist/functional medicine practitioner and see what we can do to improve things.

I don't think people intentionally try to make others allergies worse, but I think some people expect a lot in that area. I don't think it's reasonable to expect others to deal with your allergies. Its up to you to do your best to avoid allergens that affect you. I'm gluten sensitive and get really sick from gluten. I dont' feel others should have to try to cook gluten free for me. Its up to me to be responsible for myself and stay away from gluten whatever that takes.
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I have severe reactions to fragrances, smoke, body products and detergents. I don't go to church, funeral homes or parties. I don't expect people to make allowances for me but in turn they have to understand why I won't visit their home or get in a car with them. DH's coworkers know they can't hang their coats in his office because the smell of their perfume, cigarettes, lotions or soap sticks to his coat and the smell comes home with him.

DH starts sneezing, coughing and honking around April 1st. When pollen season started this year he was having a terrible time so I was keeping the house windows closed. The doctor gave him a new nose spray and told him to wear a mask outside especially when doing yard work. He wore the mask ONE time. Drives with the windows down in the truck. I then wondered why in the world I was trying to help minimize his discomfort when he wasn't going to bother. Opened all the windows and let the pollen and dust in!
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Upon reaching an older age, I too, have started sneezing, coughing and honking around May1. But darn, I love the windows open and that fresh air after a long hard winter. I guess it's whatever............
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I have an inhaler I use called Flonaise. Plus I take an over the counter allergy pill called Sudafed PE as needed. I mainly get stuffed up and itchy eyes. The coughing I get is due to my asthma and not any allergens in the air.

I get a lot of strange looks and people move sideways when I start having a coughing fit, until I pull out the Ventolin inhaler.
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As others have said, I don't expect others to have to make adjustments to my allergies. We live in the country surrounded by open fields with all kind of pollens, pollutants, chemicals from the farmers fields, etc. We have no air conditioning so, yes, the windows are open all summer and I have just chosen to endure the endless itchy,watery eyes, sneezing, when nose not stuffed its running incessantly, cough etc.
I'm, also, allergic to cats...get all choked up and usually lose much of my voice...but I don't ask people to lock up their cats if I'm visiting. (Well, I did once....when it pounced on me and bit me!)

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I don't expect people to make adjustments for my environmental allergies, but for Pete's sake, some folks should take a shower in a shower with running water and soap instead of slathering on perfume and scents to smell decent. Also, I can't handle the strong scents from some candles/room sprays and have to either go outdoors or leave. It's a matter of being able to breathe.
Just FYI, I do take meds daily, get shots, and am under an allergist's care. I don't get upset with other people's choices, but will leave if I feel my lungs tightening. If you haven't ever experienced the need for an inhaler...good for you. Count your blessings.
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I agree that as I get older, fragrances bother me more. Flonase is my best friend.
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Originally Posted by coopah View Post
some folks should take a shower in a shower with running water and soap instead of slathering on perfume and scents to smell decent. Also, I can't handle the strong scents from some candles/room sprays and have to either go outdoors or leave.
I know what you mean, in stores I sometimes have to go about shopping from the other side because of someone taking a bath in perfume. And laundry aisles are the worst, I have to plan my purchase, if they have moved it or it's not where it was, I call an employee to help. I told relatives I can't do floral of anything so they quit burning candles and went to plug in's. Those are 10 times worse, just read some of the warnings. They wax walls, fabrics, clothing, etc., they can also cause asthma and many other problems. Scary, had a fireman tell me they cause fires. (relatives won't believe me, sigh)

When hubby had hand excema about 10 years ago, dermatologist told him 'scent' causes 80% of allergy problems, all fragrances are suspect. You can be fairly safe, but not totally, with ESSENTIAL OILS, not fabricated 'scents.' So we unscented our daily routine 'scents.' Laundry soap, bath soap, no colognes or perfumes. I used my unscented bath soap slivers in water, to make my own handsoap. When it melts, I stir it good, make it thin and pour it into a container that pushes out liquid soap. I have to wear a mask to use cleaning products sometimes, why can't they put essential oils in this stuff if they feel the need for scent. Fragrance oils are horrid. What is wrong with clean just smelling CLEAN. As I have gotten older the allergies have progressed. So if I can't deal with someone's house, I just quit going, when they ask why, I tell them. Love you to death but your home could mean death to me. I do use some candles in my home, but they are never lit, just open, French Vanilla, cinnamon, maple, apple and my favorite is sugar cookie. To me, those unlit wax cylinders are overpowering to me if I have too many. Am so happy 'scent' problems haven't taken over food scents, yet. LOL When out for a walk in the morning the worst scents are Gain and Tide detergents or Downy and Bounce softners. Yep, I can tell what laundry products the neighbors use. So much for the clean open air...........
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I have been to many specialist about my allergies. The bottom line has always been my immune system needed to be stronger. A healthy diet, lots of exercise, and dental work. Your dental health is very important to your immune system. I didn't have any dental problems that I knew of. But I had tiny bleeding and that was a sign of infection that lowered my immune system. Once my dental health was corrected I started to feel better I didn't know how run down I did feel because it was so gradual. My immune system started to get stronger and it has made a big difference. I still have allergy but not severe anymore. In fact now my allergy is mostly annoying instead of miserable.
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