Allergy Free Dogs anyone?

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I have allergies and have had poodles they didn't seem to bother me, when I baby sit my neighbors dog I can feel the diffrence
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Default Allergy Free Dogs

Originally Posted by jarenie View Post
My son has bad allergys ad the only dog his Doctor would allow was a Poodle. He never did have a reaction to her and she would sleep with him. And a great dog too. Ours was a toy white Poodle so that I could tell when she would need a bath. That way I would be sure that she was clean and not have anything from outside. It worked great. I do miss her.
Years ago a friend who raised Chihuahua tried to give my Asthmatic daughter one. The breeder had some that looked
like tiny Collies, and some were long legged, etc. Said that they sold mainly to those with kids with allergies.

Check them out...personally, our kids got along well with our rescue Dobermans. Daughter is married now and has had
a lot of rescue dogs of all kinds, still has Asthma.
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We have a malte-poo (Maltese and Poodle)and he doesn't shed. I've not had any problems with him at all.
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A friend of mine with terrible asthma was told by her doctor to get a chiauau ( I know that isn't spelled right) for her allergies. I know poodles and schnazers are good for people with allergies.
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We have a Havanese, he does not shed and doesn't bother my allergies. This breed is a hoot! In the past we have had bichons and they are wonderful too, but none played like our Havanese does. Makes me laugh.
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I would suggest going to a reputable breeder's house to expose yourself to the breed before committing. There are certainly some breeds that are less apt aggravate allergies, but you may have a flare up with one of those too. I had a friend that was able to be around cats, unless it was a Siamese or Siamese mix. Yes, I was just mean enough to test him. He immediately reacted to my Jess, but was fine when handling the other cats-blindfolded.
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Actually the only dogs that are allergy free (as a former vet-tech) are poodles and Bichon-Frise. Shi-Tzus are low allergy, but not completely.
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Shitzu-Poodle mix. Non shedding. Supposed to hypo-allergenic. No dog is truly, but the non-shedding dogs cause the least allergic reactions.

Shadow gets a bath once a week. Helps keep her 'hypo-allergenic'!
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Sandra is right. I have a Shih Tzu and she is the easiest to live with. Also, she gets distressed if something is wrong with me. She will watch me and whimper or give a low growl if she thinks I should or shouldnt do something. She has a clover allergy, but I dont have any problems with her shedding or stinking. I feel so blessed to have her. Blessings, Ruth
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I suggest checking out specific breed rescue groups online of some of the breeds mentioned above. Many groups are out there and have beautiful pure breeds needing homes. In my area the Shih Tzu group is very active. So don't think that breed rescue is only for some undesirable dogs. Also, some shelters will take your name and notify you when your request arrives on their doorstep. I must mention the Labradoodles or Goldendoddles. Many dogs of these breeders come to a sad end. Their claim of being hypoallergenic is exaggerated. Finding a reputable breeder is a big challenge. True, true, don't buy from a pet store or online. Visit the breeder and get a feel for the layout. The bottom line is there are way more dogs than forever homes. Breeding only increases that equation.
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