Aren't dogs amazing?

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A bird just flew into our living room window and landed on the table below, very stunned. Our golden retriever left his post on the front porch to go check it out. He was nose to beak with the bird!! He came back to the window looking in at us as if to say.."come check it out!". So my husband went out to see how badly it was hurt as the cats were on the way. :cry: By the time DH got there, it had recovered enough that it flew up to a nearby tree as he got there. The dog raced over to the tree watching the bird as if to make sure it was ok. How cool!!

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Aw, that would have been so cool! Goldens are SO gentle and sweet!
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Yes, dogs are cool! My dog keeps track of me she followa me around and has favorite places to lay depending where I am. She knows when I should be coming home, she also knows when I need to leave. She does not mind watching me into the night. I don't sleep well before one or two in the morning. If I am not in bed by about one she comes and tells me I should be in bed, but accepts it if I am not going. She is a large black lab. Her daddy was/is as big as a pony!
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Your doggy sounds like a sweetheart!! What a nice story :)
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My dog lays under the window outside my sewing room when I am in there sewing. Ever so often he will look in the window, I will talk to him for a minute, and he goes and lays back down. He has a cool spot there behind some shrubbery. :-D
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Love the story. They are amazing.

Love my Laddie (avatar pic). He knows I am not feeling well today. Sinus infection, both ears are infected, balance is off kilter. He is keeping an eye (remember, he is toatally blind. :lol ) on me and follwing closely. Gosh I love that dog.
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I think most dogs are amazing I am insulin dependent and my dog wakes me up in the night when my glucose levels get too low The other night my level was 51 and I woke up to much whining crying and getting headbutted by my corgi and my doxie they were boyh so worried I am very grateful for both of them
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