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Here is the ASPCA list of toxic plants to cats:
They have a national poison control site for animals used by vets and individual owners.
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Kola doesn't seem to bother any of my plants. I do keep the thread scraps off the floor as well as pins and needles. She does love to run off with my scrunchie hair ties.
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Over the years, we had many animals in the house, but believe me I was the worst thing for a cat. Having a houseful of kids, cats, dogs and what ever, I never had a minute to spare, what with house work, large garden, barn full of animals & and a full time job, I just didn`t have time to worry if one wasen`t around. But they were always watered & fed. Then, when I changed bedding up stairs, I would pull a large drawer in hall open to get clean bedding for each room and pick all the dirty bedding up, took my elbow and close the drawer on the way down. You get it! One of the kids had brought a kitten home that was being teased at school, well we looked & looked for it, but it was no place to be found. Go ahead a week, I did the same thing with the bedding, I opened the drawer, and did I get a nasty look!!! Now all the kids went passed that drawer every A.M. & P.M. and it never made a sound. Boy was she hunger and she just never liked me again!
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Enjoy the kitty, I am not sure what plants affect them but there has to be several places on Internet to check and you could always call a vet and ask.
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A tip for all cat owners and future owners..........

Make sure your large potted plants have no space for kitty to use as a portable potty.

Don't ask me how I know this...
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You can google house plants harmful to cats and find a list of plants to keep away from cats. Also several foods are harmful to cats. Among them are chocolate, grapes and raisins. There are several more, so I would google that also.

A WARNING! Keep all thread away from kitty. A friend of mine had a beautiful Himalayan cat that got hold of a spool of thread and started playing with it. It unrolled and the cat swallowed a good sized length of thread. It wrapped around her intestines. The vet did surgery, but could not save the cat. Thread will cut into a cat or dog's intestines. Be very careful of pins and needles. I just keep everything in drawers or behind cabinet doors. (We just got a new kitten last week after losing our 15 year old Birman cat to cancer in January so I have had to kitten-proof our house again.)
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Keep your jewelry put away if your not wearing it. I take my rings off at night to apply lotion to my hands and sometimes forget to put them back on. My calico will pick up a ring and carry it away. I'm still missing one she took off with several years ago. She also jumps up on my dresser and grabs an earring. Usually I'm able to find the missing object in a few days. She grabs puzzle pieces, chess pieces, anything that will fit in her mouth. She's a little thief, but I love her so.
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