Bone Spurs

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How many have them and what do you take or do for the pain?
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I have them in my heel.
I just suffer it out.
On my feet daily walking.

They hurt very much sometime with tears in my eyes.

I don't take medication of any kind.
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I have some nasty ones in my heels. I have used orthotics for about 10 years now. I can finally wear sandals for a short time but cannot walk barefoot on any hard floor. I don't remember what I took for that pain.

I have also had them in my shoulders. I used anti-inflammatory meds such as Aleve and x-strength Tylenol, and when they were bad enough, Vicotin. Surgery took care of them.
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Both hubby and I have them in the shoulder. He has had his broken down by the doctor using a needle. It almost made him pass out. Now it's lots of exercises with the rubber band to work them out. I'm getting ready to start Yoga again to add to my flexibility (I want to be more flexible than a 2x4 lol)
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had them in my heels. learned to stretch and bought a pair of birkenstock sandals.
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I have them in each heel. I were custom-made orthotics which really help. I have had a couple of steroid shots to the heel, but they don't like to do that any more. I take Tylenol for the pain, or Ibuprofen. The Ibuprofen works best, but I can't stay on it too long due to other meds I am on. I really feel your pain. There's nothing worse than foot pain to make your whole body hurt. Go see a Podiatrist. There are lots of things they can do now about bone spurs.
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I do - it is under mr achilles tendon and looks like 1/2 walnut shell...ouch!
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Had one on my shoulder, then had car accident and tore the cuff, removed it when they repaired torn cuff. Have one on my big left toe, had cortizone shots (they are worse than the bone spur) never again. Learning to live with them.
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I have them on both heels. My foot doctor sent me to physical therapy with a perscription for cortisone liquid. They gave me a lot of different exercises to stretch my foot..then afterwards..put the cortisone on an electric device and infused it into the heels. I went 3 times a week for over a month. At one point the doctor had my one foot in a cast. They don't hurt now..but I still feel a twinge.
I hope you get some relief. Good supportive sandals really help. Birkenstocks are good and sketchers raggae sandles. I can't wear a shoe with an enclosed heel anymore.
I would see a podiatrist also..Best wishes.
Peace and blessings
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All of these comments are so true. I have had heel spurs in my right heel for many years. Not ignoring them, but could not afford to do anything about them. They have torn the achilles in two places, speared it as a matter of fact. The sports med doc said for me to use ice a lot when it swells. Take a 1" high book and put both feet, toes first on it and tip upwards and then back down. Exercise this way to stretch it, gently. Then he prescribed the nitro glycerine patches. He said to quarter the patch and put a quarter of it on the worst pain area and wear it for 12 hours and rest for 12 hours. Next, he said to wear the boot at night, because the angle of relaxation is not helpful when the toes point forward. They need to be drawn slightly back to the shin bone and the soft boot helps with that. True, I cannot wear a shoe with a back or strap and it needs to tip forward when walking, so I have a 3/4 wedge to use inside my shoe. It's a true pain. I take ibuprofen .....four to start, six hrs later I take three, then six hours later I take two and I continue to take two for a two day therapy. This stuff is hard on you, so you don't challenge your well being and abuse it. Sometimes, just a tylenol at bedtime helps. I use the motorized buggy at the store and I stay off pavement and concrete floors as much as I can. Girlfriend, I feel your pain! I've been suffering for nearly 40 years with it and it left these damages. Please try to get it fixed so you can enjoy life. Continuous pain should be needless. God Bless you, Ruth
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